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About Powerwash Solutions

Welcome to Powerwash Solutions Ltd.

Based in Hornchurch, Essex, Powerwash Solutions is a pressure washing company with over 13 year’s experience, specialising in mobile truck washing, driveway, patio, brick and stone cleaning and brick and stone sealing.

We recognise the importance of first impressions for both the domestic and commercial sectors. As a result offers its customers cleaning solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Built on a reputation for delivering first class results and value for money, rest assured Powerwash Solutions can take care of you.

What is Exterior Hard Surface Cleaning?

It is where brick and stone and other like surfaces that have become overrun with weeds, moss, algae or have become covered in years of accumulated dirt, these contaminants need removing.This type of cleaning can only be achieved by using an engine driven professional pressure washer/ steam cleaner, due to the performance of the engine. This produces generally over 200 bar/ 3000 psi which can not be achieved with a plug in the wall pressure washer producing approx 240v/ 110 bar/ 1600 psi.

Certified technicians have the specialized training and experience it takes to select the proper cleaning chemicals, equipment, tools and materials in conjunction with the proper methodologies for maintaining or restoring hard surface flooring to its original beauty.

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